Forum pour la recherche en matière d'éducation en/pour/par l'Afrique

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<aside> 💡 Imaginable Futures, Echidna Giving, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Porticus have joined together to host a Forum on education research, evidence generation and evidence use led by Africans.

In this forum, held online from 26 to 29 April 2022, we sought to understand what it would take to shift power to locally led and based education researchers, pioneer new realms of education research, support dissemination and uptake of education research, challenge conventional norms long exhibited in the aid space and, ultimately, demonstrate new standards at the heart of funders’ relationships with local education researchers.

A key objective was to explore opportunities for a funding Consortium to support African Education Research and to help define the principles for such a Consortium.

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“Being hands and feet” for data collection - I have been there! Collect the data but cannot publish the data! - I have been there! Lack of mentorship - I have been there! Lack of resources to do research - I have been there! Lack of funds - I have been there! Publish or perish - I have been there!

Elizabeth Nyirenda - University of Zambia

The recommendations

Read a long list of guiding recommendations and share your thoughts:

Guiding recommendations for the Consortium for Education Research in/for/by Africa - a long list